Dani Dillon


Dani Dillon (she/her) is a Berkshire Children’s Chorus alumni and graduate of SBRSD’s Mt. Everett Regional School (Class of 2008). She has worked in restaurants and hospitality for most of her life, from Michelin-starred fine dining to multi-unit international food & beverage operations at scale for start-ups, and has always loved the way that personal, story-driven food can connect people in profound ways. Dani’s work has been covered in Vogue, Eater, and Food & Wine, among other publications, and she has collaborated with many celebrated chefs and makers through her work at companies like The Wing and restaurants like La Vara. Dani is the Vice President of Operations for Pineapple Collaborative, a multi-channel community for people who love food, and the founder of Lunch Group, an operations, curation, and impact consultancy for mission-driven food and beverage businesses. You can follow her on Instagram @danidilllon and LinkedIn

Photo by Jennifer Chong